Enterasys Networks announces a video contest

  • Has your school done some particularly innovative things with technology to connect the students and faculty and enhance student learning?
  • Have you changed the way students are learning through modern technology?

  • Have you used technology in a unique way that sets it apart from other schools?

Did you answer "yes" to any of these questions?
Then record a behind-the-scenes video of it!

Starting October 2nd, submit a video no longer than 3 minutes of how you are using technology in your classroom!

Once you've created your video:

  1. Post it to Youtube and Facebook with a title consisting of:
    • your own creative title, ETSCEM, and your name.

  2. Then, email the link to us at CEM@enterasys.com along with:
    • full contact information (name, email, phone number, school district).

Get as many people as possible to "Like" your video and promote it by tweeting a message about your video including the event hashtag #ETSCEM.

Get your videos in before October 30th because on November 1st the winners will be announced! We will use a combination of public voting (total number of "Likes" on Facebook and Youtube) and an Enterasys panel of judges (like on American Idle, Dancing with the stars, etc) to determine the winners!

Some examples of how schools are using technology:

  • The use of clickers. Each student has a clicker with buttons A, B, C, & D. The instructor can ask multiple choice questions using PowerPoint, and the students click their answer and it automatically records if their answer was correct or incorrect.
  • A school uses network policy to monitor Digital Citizenship programs. Students who pass Digital Citizenship programs gain more access privileges. Students who abuse the privileges have privileges revoked for period of time. This is enforced by the network management software.

  • Teachers use a program called Tegrity where their class lecture is recorded and posted online. This is useful for students when they miss a class or if there is a snow day. They also use this in some cases where they record the class and students can actually participate while it is being recorded.

iTunesThe top three videos will all get: an iPad mini, an iTunes giftcard, fame via social media, and a basket of goodies!

For any questions contact us at CEM@enterasys.com

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